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All songs listed on BrandonClarkMusic.org are free of charge. Any donations are simply used towards future production related costs to continue making songs that proclaim the name of Yahuah.


~Fighting 4 My Soul~

(Verse 1)
Is it just me or is this world getting colder?
Or could it just be that it’s only getting closer to being over?
Gotta' learn to understand the times and seasons
Otherwise the pain we're seeing is without a rhyme or reason
See I know what it feels like
When the freedom you live in is really more like a prison
So you keep on existing, but you know something is missing
And you pray you’re forgiven, but even living doesn't feel right
So you feel like giving up, give it up
Might as well fake it, cause face it, you can't make it
That narrow path's lookin' real tight
Tell me when you're running out of gas, can you last through a real fight?
Cause it’s still light beyond the dark
And it’s still right to live right in spite of when times gets hard
So I still fight to play my part
And be a man after Yah’s own heart

Tell me who can be born again when this life is all we know
Sometimes it's really hard to see it, but my heart believes it
So I'm Fighting 4 My Soul (2x)

(Verse 2)
Is it just me or is this world that we live in
Evidently proving the description of the future that was written?
They’d love to see me move from my position
Always tried to tell me be a Christian, but I’m glad I didn't listen
Cause since Yahusha’s risen, I learned true religion
Traded in my foolishness for wisdom
Separating fiction from the truth that I was given
Ever since He gave His life and suffered such a ruthless crucifixion
But He showed us that He won't break
Chose us from the furnace of affliction for His own sake
Don't take this life you've been given for granted
Let me be candid
You are up against this world and you don't have the advantage
But what is knowledge if you don't understand it?
And what good is a seed if it's never been planted to give life?
This life, it might get hard
And I wondered where this message should start
So I wrote it from the depths of my heart


So many people that deserve to be chosen instead of me
So many people better than I will ever be
I look unto paradise and wonder if it's for me
But I gotta' live right cause there's no place I'd rather be
So many people that You should choose instead of me
So many people better than I will ever be
I look unto paradise and wonder if it's for me
But I choose to fight cause there's no place I'd rather be


© 2015 Brandon Clark – All Rights Reserved


from Beautiful Endeavor​.​.​.​The EP, released January 1, 2016
Written & Performed by Brandon Clark
Music composed by Alex Fraser


all rights reserved



Brandon Clark Atlanta, Georgia

Originally from Newport News, VA, Brandon is the youngest of three children. He was raised in a small community by two devoted parents. It was during his adolescent years that he developed an interest in writing and singing. Overtime, he refined his focus and decided he would only sing to glorify the Most High. ... more

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